Psychology AR

Psychology AR is an augmented reality (AR) mobile application to simulate the perception of a patient with mental or perception disorders in a real-world environment. The AR mobile application is aimed to help students understand the disorders by experiencing the visual and auditory perception of the mental or perception disorder patient. The AR mobile application alters users’ ongoing perception of a real-world environment by adding virtual objects and transforming the reality captured by the mobile phone’s camera and microphone. Users can experience different kinds of mental disorders or perception illnesses, for example, hallucination, pathologies of sensation, and changes in perception.


VR effects library:

  1. Zoom in and out function or manipulate the monitor through moving hands
  2. Colour perception: Change the acuity, colour
  3. Motion perception: Adjust time delay of the image see/ frequency heard.
  4. Hearing perception: Change the auditory frequency and amplitudes
  5. Pathologies of sensation: colour blindness
  6. Pathologies of sensation: motion blindness
  7. Pathologies of sensation: blindsight
  8. Auditory hallucinations: Addition of human voices as if broadcasted from one’s head
  9. Auditory hallucinations: Broadcast of human voices from outside one’s head (maybe from a corner of a room)
  10. Visual hallucinations: Seeing bugs on one’s thighs crawling
  11. Visual hallucinations: Sharpening of colours and bending of straight lines into curves
  12. Visual hallucinations: Seeing halos from objects