QESS ProjectDevelopment of Online Teaching, Learning & Assessment Solutions

Project Overview

Online and blended-learning courses are becoming more popular among local and overseas higher education institutions due to the shift in teaching and learning pedagogy because of the changing attitude of the new generation. One of the shortcomings of the online learning systems available in the market now is that they are not congenial to the active participation of students in class. So, the project will arrive at a solution that motivates the active participation of students in class by incorporating a student response system in the video communication platform. 


Meanwhile, accumulating research evidence suggests that gamification in education pedagogy is an effective way to enhance student’s interest, engagement, and performance. Nevertheless, the self-financing higher education institutions have limited resources in developing sophisticated gamified learning materials. Thus, the second aim of this project is to introduce the concept of gamification to instructors in all participating institutions. The project will also develop gamified online/Blended learning courses with VR/AR elements.

Project Objectives

  • Set up a video communication solution that has a built-in simultaneous response system to engage students in online classes and also provides solution for online assessment;
  • Developed a VR/AR courseware application that can generate and edit VR/AR contents that suit various teaching needs and purposes as well as different applicable devices
  • Designed 20 Online and blended-learning courses informed by game elements and VR/AR technology; and
  • Organized teaching staff hands-on workshops on technical skills and seminars on conceptual framework of online teaching pedagogy and gamification of course contents.

About Us

  • Hong Kong Shue Yan University (Principal Applicant)
  • Caritas Bianchi College of Careers
  • Caritas Institute of Higher Education
  • UOW College Hong Kong


Online Video Communication Platform

Resource Bank

  • Traditional Chinese medical online model
  • Student Response Apps
  • Tools for Online Teaching
  • Video Editing and Animation Apps

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